Mitsuboshi Kaidou Hokuriku Hida Shinsyu Three-star Road



2017.5.1-3 Fukuno Yotaka Matsuri Festival

The pre-festival is held every year on May 1st and 2nd starting from 6 PM. The main festival begins early in the morning of May 3rd.

On the eve of the festival (May 1st), see the parade of lantern floats accompanied by the sound of taiko drums and chants reverberating throughout the town. As one of the main attractions of the festival, on the night of the 2nd, you can witness the lantern floats fight as men riding on each try to break and tear apart their opponents’ floats, bringing a unique intensity to the festival. During the main festival (May 3rd), you can catch the hikiyama festival floats as well as the portable shrines.