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Mt.Hakusan 1300th anniversary project: “Learning and Experience Helicopter Tour”

Helicopter Tours are operated in commemoration of Mt. Hakusan’s 1300th anniversary since the Buddhist priest Taicho first climbed Mt. Hakusan.

There are two courses available;

1. “Learning and Experience HAKUSAN Helicopter Tour”
Gives you views of Mt. Hakusan, Lake Hakusui and Shiramizu Waterfall located in the Oshirakawa Nature Area of Mt. Hakusan National Park.

2. “Learning and Experience AMOU Helicopter Tour”
Not only viewing deep canyons and the spectacular nature of Amou Prefectural Natural Park, this tour brings you close to the Amou Waterfall which is rarely seen as it is off the beaten track.

Both tours allow you to see the World Heritage Site of the Historic Village of Shirakawago from the air.

For more information, please call Shirakawa Village Office.