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Kanazawa Castle Park

Kanazawa Castle Park


Ruins of Castle Where Maeda Family of Kaga Clan Resided
In 1583, Lord Maeda Toshiie, who was Toyotomi Hideyoshi's first retainer, moved to Kanazawa. The Maeda family resided in Kanazawa Castle and governed the Kaga Clan (the present Ishikawa and Toyama areas) for more than 280 years henceforth. The castle tower was burned down by a fire in the past and has not been rebuilt, but other fortress buildings were reconstructed repeatedly. The Ishikawamon Gate, which was rebuilt in 1788, and the Sanjikken Nagaya (50-yard-long warehouse), which was rebuilt in 1858, still remain. Both of them have been designated as Japan's important cultural assets. The place was used as a base of the Japanese army. Later, Kanazawa University used it as a campus. The place was repaired in 1996, and the Hishiyagura (diamond-shaped turret), Gojikken Nagaya (90-yard-long warehouse), and Hashizumemon Tsuzuki Yagura (turret protecting the nearby gate) were restored and the park opened. In the time of the Maeda family, moats surrounded Kanazawa Castle. The castle had a fort function with loopholes for matchlocks on the outer wall to defend the castle from enemies. The beautiful white tiles that grace the roof are weathered lead and the wall is made of white mortar with flat tiles attached to it. The stone walls vary in type with each place, and it is apparent that the stonewalls were built in separate periods. The stone walls include those built more than 400 years ago.

- Hishiyagura, Gojikken Nagaya, and Hashizumemon Tsuzuki Yagura
The Hishiyagura (diamond-shaped turret), Gojikken Nagaya (90-yard-long warehouse), and Hashizumemon Tsuzuki Yagura (turret protecting the nearby gate) are large-scale wooden castle buildings reproducing the original sights of approximately 125 years ago. The turrets on the right and left to watch the gate are connected with the Gojikken Nagaya. The traditional construction method and the roles of the castle in those days are introduced in the buildings.

- Kahokumon-gate
The reconstruction of the Kahokumon-gate, which had disappeared 130 years ago, was completed in Japan's traditional construction methods based on historical facts. The Kahokumon-gate, which is virtually the main gate of Kanazawa Castle, is located down Kahokuzaka Hill past the Otemon-gate of Kanazawa Castle. The Kahokumon-gate, Ishiwakamon-gate, and Hashizume-mon gate are regarded as the three major gates of Kanazawa Castle. The interior of the gate is open to the public for free.

- Gyokusen 'inmaru garden
In 1634, the third lord of the Maeda family, who ruled the Kaga Clan (the present Ishikawa and Toyama areas) during the feudal times, started to construct the garden. Although it was destroyed at the end of the feudal times, the garden was reconstructed in 2015. Light-up : every Friday, Saturday and day before national holidays, starting after sunset until 9:00 pm

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1-1 Marunouchi, Kanazawa


Tel. 076-234-3800

Opening Hours

7 am to 6 pm (8 am to 5 pm from Oct. 16 to end of Feb.) -Open 365 days a year


Open 365 days a year

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[Kanazawa Castle Park]
[Hishiyagura, Gojikken Nagaya, and Hashizumemon Tsuzuki Yagura]
Adult: 320 yen, person of 6 to 17 years old: 100 yen, person of 65 years old or over: Free (ID required)


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