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Seisonkaku Villa

Seisonkaku Villa


Seisonkaku is a villa that the 13th lord of the Maeda family built for his mother in Kenrokuen Garden in 1863. Fine techniques in a wide variety are used for the inner pillars and walls of Seisonkaku. These techniques include a wooden panel with openwork carvings of flowers and birds and a coffered ceiling for the guest chamber called Ekken-no-ma. From these, visitors will know the status of the then Maeda family. Furthermore, Seisonkaku exhibits articles with a long and distinguished history, such as dolls for the Japanese Girls' Festival and furniture.

More Information


1-2 Kenroku-machi


Tel. 076-221-0580

Opening Hours

9 am to 5 pm (Visitors must enter by 4:30 pm.)


Wednesdays (Next day if Wednesday falls on a holiday) and Dec. 29 to Jan. 2

Ticket Info

Adult : 700 yen; junior high or high school student : 300 yen; schoolchild : 250 yen


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