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D.T. Suzuki Museum

D.T. Suzuki Museum

D.T. Suzuki Museum


Daisetz Suzuki, known internationally as D.T. Suzuki, is a Kanazawa-produced buddhist philosopher. The museum building is located next to his place of birth, and comprises three wings: the Entrance Wing, the Exhibition Space Wing, and the Contemplation Space Wing, and three gardens: the Vestibule Garden, the Water Mirror Garden and the Roji Garden. In addition to the appreciation of the exhibits, the museum also serves as a place of reflection for visitors as they encounter the life and philosophy of Daisetz Suzuki.

More Information


3-4-20 Honda-machi



Opening Hours

9:30 am to 5 pm (Visitors must enter by 4:30 pm)


Mondays (Next day if Monday falls on a holiday) and Dec. 29 to Jan. 3, Preparation periods of exhibit change.

Ticket Info

Adult: 310 yen, group 20 persons min.: 260 yen per person, person of 65 years old or over: 210 yen, person below high-school age: Free


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