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Hakusan Shirakawa-go White Road

Hakusan Shirakawa-go White Road


This is a scenic drive through the mountains that connects Shirakawa-go to Kaga Onsen Village in Ishikawa Prefecture, and allows you to enjoy the splendour of Mother Nature and a magnificent view. A splendid view of the magnificent peaks of the Northern Alps and Mount Hakusan can be enjoyed near the highest point of the drive at an altitude of 1445m. A total of 8 waterfalls, such as Fukubeno Otaki can be seen from the winding road through the forests.

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Opening Hours

[Jun.-Aug.]7:00~18:00 [Sep.-Nov.]8:00~17:00


Rennyo-chaya/Sanboiwa Parking Lot

Ticket Info

Light vehicle:1,400Yen/ [physical disability discount]:700Yen/[a roud-trip discount]:2,200Yen [Ordinary vehicle]:1,600Yen/ [physical disability discount]:800Yen/[a roud-trip discount]:2,600Yen[Microbus]4,900Yen/[a roud-trip discount]:7,800Yen[Bus]]10,800Yen/[a roud-trip discount]:17,300Yen

URL http://hs-whiteroad.jp/

Closed in winter

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