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Fukumitsu Art Museum

Fukumitsu Art Museum


Located in the midst of a quiet forest, the art museum serves as home to a permanent display of many works, including the creative endeavors of woodcut artist Shiko Munakata, who sought refuge in Fukumitsu for about six years starting in 1945, works of Japanese-style painter Koyo Ishizaki and sculptor Hidetaro Matsumura, both from old Fukumitsu. The works are on rotating display, changing about every 3 months. Most notable among these works are Ishizaki's Sanri (Glimmering Rain), Munakata's Nibosatsu Shaka Judai Deshi (The Buddha's 10 Disciples), and Matsumura's E Shizo (Portrait of Mr. E).

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Opening Hours

9:00~17:00(last entry at 16:30)


Tuesdays, Year end & new year holidays

Ticket Info

Admission fee Adult : 310 yen; College or high school student : 210 yen; Elementary or Junior high school student : Free

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