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Kanazawa Noh Museum

Kanazawa Noh Museum

Kanazawa Noh Museum


Noh (a major form of classic Japanese musical drama) of the Hosho School has been promoted among people in Kanazawa since the Edo period. Kaga Hosho, which is originated in Kanazawa, tells that Kanazawa is a prosperous ground of Noh Theater. The Kanazawa Noh Museum introduces the structure of Noh Theater with an actual stage reproducing Noh play. Besides, the museum exhibits Kaga Hosho's precious Noh masks and costumes handed down over generations

More Information


1-2-25 Hirosaka


Tel. 076-220-2790

Opening Hours

10 am to 6 pm (Visitors must enter by 5:30 pm)


Mondays (Next day if Monday falls on a holiday) and Dec. 29 to Jan. 3.

Ticket Info

Adult : 310 yen; group (20 persons min.) : 260 yen per person; person of 65 years old or over : 210 yen; person below high-school age : Free

URL http://www.kanazawa-noh-museum.gr.jp/data/language/english.pdf

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