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Kanazawa Crafts Hirosaka

Kanazawa Crafts Hirosaka


Traditional handicrafts in a wide variety have been inherited by Kanazawa, besides nationally famous traditional handicrafts, such as Kanazawa gold leaf, Kutani porcelain, and Kaga Yuzen. Kanazawa Crafts Hirosaka exhibits and sells rare traditional handicrafts and glass craftworks, such as Kaga incrustation works, Kaga fishing flies, Futamata's Japanese paper, Kaga-nui (traditional embroidery specific to the Kaga province), paulownia handicrafts, wagasa (traditional Japanese bamboo and paper umbrellas), and Kaga mizuhiki (gift wrapping strings).

More Information


1-2-25 Hirosaka


Tel. 076-265-3320

Opening Hours

10 am to 6 pm


Mondays (Next day if Monday falls on a holiday) and Dec. 29 to Jan. 1.

URL http://www.crafts-hirosaka.jp/index_e.html

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