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Johana Betsuin Zentokuji Temple

Johana Betsuin Zentokuji Temple


Founded over 530 years ago, this major temple of the Otani sect of Pure Land Buddhism is home to an Amida Tathagata said to be the work of Gyoki, a 7th century priest.  It is the home to over 10,000 treasured items, including a collection of actual writings of the sect founder Shinran (Yuishinmyo), writings of Rennyo, and others. A selection of these items will be put on display for a week beginning on July 22nd. This special period, called Mushiboshi Hoe, also includes special presentations and commentaries on various works of art and writings. The prefecture-designated cultural assets - the temple gates, the main building, and the taiko drums - are also a must-see.

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Temple Tour Fee: 400 yen per person (A guide will show you around the different rooms of the temple.)
*Reservation is required for the temple tour.

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