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Ohmi-cho Market

Ohmi-cho Market

Ohmi-cho Market


Discover Kanazawa’s most famous fish market

Established during the Edo Period, Omicho Market has formed an essential part of Kanazawa’s food culture for more than 280 years. The sprawling market features more than 170 stores, including a large number of fishmongers that sell freshly caught seafood from the Sea of Japan. There are also fruit and vegetables stores that sell unique local produce, marine product stores, clothing stores, grocery stores and restaurants.

Particularly well-revered are the crab, yellowtail and shrimp from the Sea of Japan that are sold around November. Because of this, the market is normally crowded with tourists and locals alike during this time of year.

Another key attraction of the market is Omicho Ichibakan. The refurbished building features a number of popular restaurants and stores that are worth stopping by during your trip to the market.

More Information


50 Kamiomicho, Kanazawa 920-0905



Opening Hours

9 am to 5:30 pm (varying with each store)


National holidays, Jan. 1 to 4, and around Aug. 15

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