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Inami Betsuin Zuisenji Temple

Inami Betsuin Zuisenji Temple


In the first year of the Meitoku era (1390), Zuisenji temple was opened by Shakunyo, the revered 5th generation priest of Honganji temple. The main temple building seen at present was rebuilt in the 18th year of the Meiji era (1885) by Inami's carvers, sculptors and carpenters, and is now the largest wooden Pureland Buddhist temple in the entire Hokuriku region. Be sure to take notice of the elaborate carvings adorning the façade of the temple gates as well. Most of them are the result of the painstaking labor of Inami's carpenters, and remain a hallmark of Inami woodcarving. On April 1st of the year Showa 40 (1965), the temple gate was designated as one of the prefecture's important cultural assets.

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Admission fee Adult : 500 yen
Group admission fee (20 people or more) Adult : 450 yen

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