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Kutani Ware Kutani Kosen Kiln

Kutani Ware Kutani Kosen Kiln

Kutani Ware Kutani Kosen Kiln


Kutani Ware is the type of porcelain first created in the Kaga region of which Kanazawa was once the capital. This kiln is the only kiln remaining in Kanazawa city and provides a unique experience in making this beautiful and delicate ceramic. Master Koichiro Toshioka or one of his skilled craftspeople will guide you in a one hour lesson at the potter's wheel, creating items like tea cups, bowls, or vases, depending on your level of skill. Although traditional Kutani ware was produced in a variety of colors and sometimes included gold leaf, this experience allows you to create the a simple and elegant form of the ceramic with several choices of glazes, which will be applied before firing. You'll be able to choose one of the items you created to be fired and sent directly to your home about four months later, the perfect way to remember your visit Kanazawa.

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5-3-3 Nomachi Kanazawa Ishikawa 921-8031 JAPAN



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January 1

URL https://kutanikosen.com/en/index.html

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