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Imai Kinpaku(Gold leaf) Main Shop

Imai Kinpaku(Gold leaf)  Main Shop

Imai Kinpaku(Gold leaf)  Main Shop


Imai Kinpaku is a shop selling gold leaf and crafts made using gold leaf. The vast majority of gold leaf in Japan is produced in Kanazawa thanks to centuries of experience in the craft and Japan's best climate for gold-leaf production. Gold leaf produced in Kanazawa is hammered to a mind-bending 1/10,000 of a millimeter in thickness, thin enough that light can be seen through it. Although long ago it was commonly used to decorate temples, shrines, and kimono, gold leaf is now used in combination with modern products such as cosmetics. One of the most unique uses for gold leaf in modern day Kanazawa is as a decoration for food. At Imai Kinpaku, you can learn how to drape a sheet of gold leaf over a soft-serve ice cream before consuming your self-made treat. There are also workshops to experience using gold leaf to decorate take-home souvenirs such as eco-bags and tumblers.

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7-3Saiwai-cho, Kanazawa, Ishikawa 920-0968 Japan



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Monday and Friday

URL https://www.kinpaku.co.jp/english/

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