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Omaki Onsen Kanko Ryokan

Omaki Onsen Kanko Ryokan

Omaki Onsen Kanko Ryokan

Omaki Onsen Kanko Ryokan


The journey is literally part of the destination when it comes to Omaki Onsen Kanko Ryokan, which is only accessible to guests via a 30-minute ferry ride up the scenic Shogawa River. The river scenery is breathtaking, but nothing can prepare you for the sight of this exclusive ryokan sitting elegantly on the edge of the water. Guests arriving by boat will be warmly greeted and pampered by the ryokan's attentive staff, given a quick tour of the facilities, and left to relax in their enormous rooms with fantastic views of the river and mountains. Free time can be spent enjoying one or more of the ryokan's soothing onsen hot springs, indoor baths and outdoor rotenburo. Dinner is an exceptionally prepared and presented feast of luxurious local ingredients which might include seafood and mountain vegetables from the Sea of Japan side. This one-of-a-kind ryokan experience will certainly be a memory you will cherish forever.

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44 Omaki, Togamura, Nanto City, Toyama Prefecture, 932-0371, Japan



URL https://www.tabi-nanto.jp/en/archives/1307

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