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Togakushi Shrine

Togakushi Shrine


The famous mystical power central! “Togakushi Shrine” This shrine was developed as the base for the mountain worship towards Mt. Togakushi. It used to be a temple that assembled a number of pilgrims’ lodgings, and was turned into a Shinto shrine that is deeply associated with deities from the myth of “Opening of Amanoiwato” and was worshiped by many people, after the Meiji period. It consists of five buildings, each named Okusha, Chusha, Hokosha , Kuzuryusha and Hinomikosha.

Amongst old cedar trees stands a magnificent shrine preserving the appearance of the time of Shinto-Buddhist amalgamation atop 270 stone-steps. Enshrined deity is Amenouwaharunomikoto, who is the child of the deity of Chusha.

This shrine is dedicated to Amenouzumenomikoto, who danced in front of gods and won their applause in the myth of “Opening of Amanoiwato”. She is worshiped as the god of performing arts and good luck. The famous Saigyo Sakura is in its precinct.

This shrine is dedicated to Amenoyagokoroomoikanenomikoto, the deity of wisdom who came up with the idea of playing Kagura (Shinto music) in order to open the Amanoiwato. Many worshipers visit the shrine, which holds over 800-year-old triple cedar trees in its precinct. Training and dedication of Daidai Kagura take place in the Kagura hall, which are sometimes open for viewing.

◇Okusha (Main Shrine)
Towering grand wall of Mt. Togakushi in the background, the shrine enshrines Amenotajikaraonomikoto, who forcibly opened Amanoiwato with his peerless divine might.
Numerous worshippers visit the shrine, which is responsive to prayers related to issues such as bringing good luck, realization of wishes and abundant harvest.
The approach spans about 2 kilometers with a red, thatched-roof Zuishinmon gate in the middle, and leads visitors to the avenue of over 400-year-old cedar trees, which are designated a Natural Monument.

Kuzuryusha sits next to Okusha, and has been the central deity for the Togakushi worship as the local deity since the old time. As the deity who presides over the water, it is worshiped by the people engaged in agriculture in the wide area along Torii, Kusu and Susobana rivers, as well as the Echigo region, which is connected through the underground water.
Though the date of foundation is unknown, it was enshrined as the local deity before the enshrinement of Amenotajikaraonomikoto. It is worshiped for its divine virtue of realization of wishes. It is also worshiped as the god of caries as well as of matchmaking.
Guarded by a pair of lion-dogs, the Zuishinmon gate stands in the substantially intermediate point of the approach to Okusha. The promenade from Togakushi Forest Botanical Garden also meets the approach at this point.

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Togakushichusha Nagano-shi


Okusha approach (toll parking): Approx. 100 cars near the entrance (Space for Large buses available)
Chusha: Approx. 100 cars. (Space for Large buses available)
Hinomikosha: 3 cars in front of the Torii gate
Hokosha: Approx. 20 cars

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