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Oshirakawa Hot Spring Shiramizu no Yu

Oshirakawa Hot Spring Shiramizu no Yu


This hot spring that flows from the foot of Mount Hakusan is also known as “waters of fertility”, and the water properties also help to smoothen and beautify the skin, which makes it highly popular among women. Enjoy your soak in the bath of your choice, with wooden tubs made of Japanese cypress, an open-air bath, bubble baths and reclining baths to choose from.

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Opening Hours

11:00~20:00 (Reception until 19:30)


Wednesdays (open if holiday)、2nd &4th Tuesday


Shiramizu no Yu Parking Lot

Ticket Info

Adults 600 yen, Children 400 yen
FREE(Age 0-5)

URL https://www.hidahakusan.jp/english/

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