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Kanazawa Katani

Kanazawa Katani

Kanazawa Katani


When a lump of gold is beaten until it is only 1/10,000 mm thick, it becomes gold leaf, as used in temples, shrines and many of Kanazawa’s traditional crafts. Kanazawa and its surrounding areas produce more than 99% of all gold leaf used in Japan, and its abundance is what led Marco Polo to call Japan “the golden country.”

At Kanazawa Katani, a gold leaf shop that has been in business in Kanazawa for more than a century, you can learn how this very delicate piece of precious metal is applied to make everyday objects elegant. Select an item you would like to decorate, choose a stencil for your gold leaf design, apply the gold leaf, add more color and accents with metallic powder and take your newly created artwork home!

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6-33 Shimoshincho, Kanazawa
(near Higashi Chaya)



Opening Hours

9:00 am – 5:00 pm (L.O. 4:00 pm)


December 30 – January 4

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URL http://www.k-katani.com/

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