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Kaikaro Teahouse

Kaikaro Teahouse


Kaikaro is a refurbished chaya house originally existed more than 180 years ago. The interior of the house includes vermilion-lacquered stairs, vegetable-dyed tatami (mats made of woven straw), fusuma-e (paintings on sliding-door panels) created by a contemporary artist, and a Japanese tearoom with tatami made of gold-laced woven straw, all of which have reproduced the atmosphere of the chaya house in those days with a contemporary feeling. Kaikaro offers a tea service around a sunken hearth, has a souvenir shop, and occasionally holds a guestroom experience time with geisha's attendance.

More Information


1-14-8 Higashiyama



Opening Hours

10 am to 5 pm


Open 365 days a year

Ticket Info

Adult: 750 yen/ person of 7 to 18 years old: 500 yen/ under 6 years old: free * An extra charge is required for the tea service.

URL http://www.kaikaro.jp/eng/

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