Japanese Weaving Studio(Johana Oriyakata)

Japanese Weaving Studio(Johana Oriyakata)


The Oriyakata silk shop is a symbol of Johana, once a prospering silk goods district. Now you can experience this traditional art for yourself in a building whose authentic interior is graced with pedal-driven manual looms and table-top looms that bring back the nostalgic feel of the Showa era. 7 courses are available, ranging from 30 minutes to 5 hours. First timers need not be concerned - our instructors are more than happy to guide you gently at your own pace.

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Opening Hours

10:00~17:30 [Nov.-Mar.] 10:00~17:00


Wednesdays(Open if Wednesday is a public holiday), Year end & new year holidays

Ticket Info

Free entry, hands-on weaving workshops are available from 1,100 yen (around 30 minutes)

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