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Currently, there are some ticket sales and routes that have been suspended. For details, please check the information of each railway and bus company.


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Hokuriku Arch Pass Enjoy economical unlimited travel from Tokyo and Osaka to the Hokuriku area!

Experience the nature and traditions of Hokuriku along one of JR’s newest routes.

  • OSAKAKyoto/Kobe/Nara/Kansai Airport
  • HOKURIKUFukui/Kanazawa/Toyama
  • TOKYONarita Airport/Haneda Airport

JAPAN RAIL PASS Travel and discover!

Unlimited rides on all Shinkansen and other JR trains in the“unlimited-ride area”! Enjoy a memorable trip with the top value, flexible JAPAN RAIL PASS!

Central Nippon Expressway Pass Discover Central Japan by Expressway!

CEP users can enter or exit expressways from any interchanges within the designated area as many times as they wish thoughtout its duration. Please note that entries and exits outside the designated area are not covered by CEP.

CEP Round tour area

An unlimited-ride pass for a wider area is also available.

Bus Routes

With the Three-star Route ticket, you can visit popular sightseeing spots, which have a three-star rating in the Michelin Green Guide Japan. You can also end or start the tour in Shinjuku (Tokyo) or Nagoya. Some bus tickets require reservations. Please check the information of each bus company. Note that some links jump to Japanese pages.

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Mitsuboshi kaidou - bus diagram2

AThree-star Route Shinjuku Ticket

Kanazawa⇆Shirakawa-go⇆Takayama⇆Hirayu onsen⇆Matsumoto⇆Shinjuku
Available for one-way only. Reservation needed for part of the route.

BThree-star Route Ticket

Kanazawa⇆Shirakawa-go⇆Takayama⇆Hirayu onsen⇆Matsumoto
Available for one-way only. Reservation needed for part of the route.


Kanazawa~Shin-Takaoka~Johana〜Gokayama〜Shirakawa-go〜Takayama〜Shinhotaka〜Hirayu onsen〜Matsumoto〜Nagoya
Can be used anywhere along the route.

DThree-Star Alps Unlimited Ride Pass

From Shinjuku to Toyama / Kanazawa via Matsumoto, Hida-Takayama and Shirakawa-go




HTakayama⇆Shinhotaka⇆Hirayu onsen⇆Matsumoto

ITakayama⇆Hirayu onsen⇆Shinjuku


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