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A trip along “Mitsuboshi Kaidou” Three-star Road

“Mitsuboshi Kaidou” Three-star Road is part of the Nostalgic Route of Shoryudo, which is included in Michelin Green Guide Japan as a three-star tourist attraction. One of the greatest sightseeing routes in Japan, it includes Kenrokuen Garden in Kanazawa, the historical townscape of Takayama, thatched-roof houses in Gokayama and Shirakawago, designated as a World Heritage Site, and Matsumoto Castle, a national treasure. Please enjoy traditional Japan and feel the spirit of the Japanese along the Three-star Road.

Four model “Shoryudo” routes

Nostalgic Route

Along this route you can discover the Japan of old, and feel the spirit of the Japanese people.

Three-star Road is part of the Nostalgic Route.

Dragon Route

This route is symbolic of a dragon rising up, with its head being the Noto Peninsula.

Great Nature Route

This route allows you to sense the forces of nature through visiting alpine areas, rock formations and an ancient lake.

Ukiyo-e Route

This route brings you to sites related to the Edo period depicted in ukiyo-e woodblock prints, such as castles and a battlefield. There is also an opportunity to experience craft-making.

What is Shoryudo?

Shoryudo is one of regional tourist routes in Japan specifically designated by the Japanese government. Its highlights are mountains such as Mt. Fuji, food and quality sake made with pure local water, samurai traditions and culture that made the region what it is today, and craftsmanship handed down through the generations.

Mitsuboshi Kaidou Three-star Road diagram

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