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Former Sanada Residence

Former Sanada Residence


The Former Sanada Residence (Shingoten) retains its original form as a private house of the feudal lord from the Edo period. It was built by the 9th lord of the Matsushiro Domain, Yukinori Sanada in the late-Edo period (1864) as the retreat for his mother, Teishoin. After the Meiji Restoration, it was used as the private residence for the Sanada family. The house was transferred to the City of Nagano in 1966, along with the family treasures of the Sanadas, and remains a municipal property up to the present day.
Japanese garden in the Zakanshiki (style in which best enjoyed while viewing from a fixed viewing point) style entertains visitors with the elegance of seasonal colors and scenery.

More Information


1 Matsushiro Matsushiromachi Nagano-shi

Opening Hours

9:00 to 17:00 (Entrance allowed till 16:30)


Open throughout the year in principle (may temporarily close for fumigation)


The Sanada Treasure Museum Parking Lot: 3 large buses, approx. 20 cars

Ticket Info

Former Sanada Residence
General: 300 yen/Elementary and Junior high school students: 100 yen
General: 250 yen/Elementary and Junior high school students: 80 yen
*Common tickets for 3 buildings (also available for Sanada Treasure Museum and Bunbu Gakko)
General: 800 yen/Elementary and Junior high school students: 300 yen
*Admission free for Elementary and Junior high school students on Saturdays.

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