IOX AROSA Ski Resort

IOX AROSA Ski Resort


IOX-AROSA is an orthodox snow resort that is closely partnered with Arosa in Switzerland.
The gentle ski slopes are the secret to the popularity of this resort among female visitors and families. The gondola operates at night, making it possible to ski at night, or have a full day of skiing. There are also many facilities in the park area, including a half-pipe that is serviced by a separate vehicle.

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No closing days in winter(Dec to Mar)

Ticket Info

Lift Ticket Charges: 1-Time Lift Coupon 1-Time Gondola Coupon 4-Hour Coupon 1-Day Coupon Nighter Coupon
Adult: 280 yen 920 yen 3,080 yen 4,100 yen 2,570 yen
Child: 190 yen 600 yen 1,950 yen 2,550 yen 1,540 yen


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