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Johana Hikiyama (Float) Hall

Johana Hikiyama (Float) Hall


The Johana Hikiyama Festival was designated as an Important National Intangible Folk Cultural Asset in February 2002.
The Hikiyama Parade of the Johana Shinmei Shrine Festival was registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage in December 2016, as part of the 33 Yama, Hoko and Yatai float festivals in Japan.
The handheld kasahoko floats showing the exquisite craftsmanship of carpenters highly cherished by the Kaga Domain, the iori-yatai float that was modelled after the Ichiriki Teahouse in Gion, Kyoto, as well as the hikiyama floats that embody the essence of the traditional lacquer techniques of Johana are permanent exhibits at this exhibition hall. A video showing scenes from the Hikiyama Festival is also shown at the lobby. Visitors can experience the lively atmosphere of the Hikiyama Festival here throughout the year.

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Year end & new year holidays

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Admission fee Adult : 520 yen; College or high school student : 310 yen; Elementary or Junior high school student : Free
Group admission fee Adult : 420 yen; College or high school student : 260 yen

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