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Norikura Kogen

Norikura Kogen

Norikura Kogen


Norikura Kogen is located at the southern end of Chubu Sangaku National Park in the Japan Northern Alps, a mountain range of 3,000-meter-high peaks. It is considered the best mountain resort area in Japan, stretching throughout the mountainous area of Matsumoto City. It was formed by the ancient eruption of Mt. Norikura, and the lava soil has created a rich environment for plant and animal life. The area hosts many outdoor activities such as trekking during the green season, fall colors, skiing on powder snow and soaking in hot springs with 4 different sources of water, so there is something to enjoy here year-round. One of the highlights of the summer green season is Ichinose Meadow, with its stunning scenery of beautiful ponds and wildflowers. It is a popular hiking spot that can be enjoyed by families due to its convenient access by bus and well maintained wooden paths.

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