Takada Family House

Takada Family House


Walking along the channel that flows through Nagamachi, one comes to a crossroads called Yon-no-hashi (“Fourth Bridge”), where stands the surviving structure of the Takada Family House. Here, an original samurai residence has been restored and opened to the public so that visitors can peek into the inner life of a samurai of the Kaga domain (feudal-era Ishikawa, centered on Kanazawa).

The Takada family were samurai of middle rank or heishi. They lived in the area designated for those of their status. Today, the house occupies a plot of roughly 890 square meters, but once it exceeded 1400 square meters. The nagaya-mon (“longhouse gate”) of the residence has been restored, and inside are exhibits relating to the servants who worked in the samurai household.

The beautiful Japanese stroll garden has also been restored. At the center of the garden is a pond that draws its water from the canal, and Japanese red pine trees are artfully arranged around it. The garden’s grounds have been designed for a leisurely walk.

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2-6-1 Naga-machi, Kanazawa



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9:30 am to 5 pm


Open 365 days a year

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