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World Heritage Ainokura Gasshozukuri Village

World Heritage Ainokura Gasshozukuri Village


On a terrace about a stone's throw from the surface of the Shogawa River, the village is found spread across a long, thin plateau. Of the 27 houses there, 20 are in the traditional sloping-roof Gasshozukuri style. Many of them were built from the end of the Edo period through the Meiji period, with the oldest supposed to have been built in the 17th century. Not only these houses, but also temples, shrines, earthen storehouses, Itakura, and other traditional buildings have been preserved. You will also find the historic hayfields from which the grasses used for roofing the houses are harvested, as well as the forests that hold snow back and protect the village from avalanches, all carefully preserved and intact. As the historic scenery has been carefully preserved and maintained, the village offers an extraordinary atmosphere. With such beautifully charming scenery, your heart and mind are sure to be refreshed.

Nationally Designated Historic Site, since December 4, 1970, Kamitaira region.
Important Traditional Building Preservation Area, since December 21, 1994.
World Cultural Heritage, since December 9, 1995.

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Parking Fees (World Heritage Conservation Fund): Large buses 3,000 yen, medium buses 2,000 yen, regular cars/mini cars 500 yen

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