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National Important Cultural Asset SHIMA

National Important Cultural Asset SHIMA


SHIMA is a chaya house built simultaneously with the construction of the Higashi Chaya district in 1820. This house is a precious chaya construction that has been designated as Japan's important cultural asset. The guestrooms and waiting room on the second floor with no closets, small courtyard, and other parts of the building that are used as a place of entertainment are stylish. A green tea service (with Japanese sweets) is offered at the courtyard. The Teahouse Culture Hall, which exhibits traditional musical instrument and tools used by geisha (traditional female Japanese entertainers), opened in the alley. (1-13-7 Higashiyama Tel. 252-0887; fax. 252-0883)

More Information


13-21 Higashiyama



Opening Hours

9 am - 6 pm(Dec.-Feb. 9 am - 5 pm)


Open 365 days a year

Ticket Info

Adult: 500 yen; person of 16 years old and below : 300 yen *An extra charge is required for the green tea service (with Japanese sweets).

URL http://www.ochaya-shima.com/english

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