Myozenji Temple

Myozenji Temple

Myozenji Temple

Myozenji Temple

Myozenji Temple


This is a temple with a long history that is famous for its kuri (monks’ residence), bell tower, main hall and yew tree, all of which are designated as cultural treasures. This was established in 1748 by followers of a faction that separated from Shinshu Honkakuji Temple.
The Myozenji Museum occupies the building called kuri which formerly housed the monks living at the adjacent Myozenji Temple. The museum now displays everyday items and tools once used by the past residents of the village for farming and producing goods. It is also a wonderful opportunity to interact with the architecture of the traditional buildings, inspecting the details up close and smelling the aromatic smoke of the fires used to repel insects and protect the wood and thatched roof from damage. Be sure to check out Myozenji Temple as well, the only temple and bell tower made with a traditional thatched roof.

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679 Ogimachi, Shirakawa-mura, Ono-gun, Gifu 501-5627, Japan



Opening Hours

[Apr.-Nov.]8:30~17:00 [Dec.-Mar.]9:00~16:00


Seseragi Park Parking Lot

Ticket Info

Adults 300 yen, Children 100 yen


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