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Kaga Yuzen Kimono Center

Kaga Yuzen Kimono Center

Kaga Yuzen Kimono Center

Kaga Yuzen Kimono Center


Kaga-Yuzen is a style of silk dyeing that was developed in Kanazawa. While yuzen dyeing is not unique to Kanazawa, the Kaga-Yuzen style developed characteristics making it unique from the artisans residing in Kyoto or Edo (old Tokyo) where yuzen dyeing was also popular. The Kaga-Yuzen style is characterized by realistic image tones and the use of gradation techniques that give the dyed images more depth. Look carefully at the subject matter and you may find other realistic details, such as plant leaves that have been nibbled by insects.

The Kaga-Yuzen Kimono Center displays the work of many of the prominent artisans of the craft, with beautiful kimono and other objects dyed by both traditional and modern masters. Simple hand dyeing and stenciling workshops are available for visitors from 5 years old and over. In an hour or less, learn the dyeing process and make a handkerchief or tote bag to take home with you.

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8-8 Kosho-machi, Kanazawa



Opening Hours

9 am to 5 pm


Wednesdays (Open on national holidays), Year-end and New Year's holidays.

Ticket Info

Adult : 310 yen; schoolchild and junior high school student : 210 yen

URL http://www.kagayuzen.or.jp/index_en/

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