Kid’s Ninja Village

Kid’s Ninja Village


Togakushi is the homeland of the Togakure-ryu-style Ninja, who was active behind the scenes of history during the Sengoku (warring states) period.
“Kid’s Ninja Village” is a Ninja-themed amusement park equipped with various attractions everyone from kids to Adult can enjoy.

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3193 Togakushi Nagano-shi

Opening Hours

Late April to Late November
Village opens at 9:00, closes at 17:00.


Thursdays (except mid July to the end of August. Open throughout summer vacation)


80 cars

Ticket Info

Kozaru Tickets (entrance only): Elementary school students and older 500 yen, infants (4 to 6 y.o.) 230 yen
Sarutobi Tickets (entrance and 6 facility use tickets): Elementary school students and older 1,850 yen, infants 1,630 yen.

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