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Gyotokuji Temple

Gyotokuji Temple


Gyotokuji temple, with its magnificent straw thatched roof representing a 300 year old architectural style, was founded towards the end of the Muromachi era by Akao Doshu.  Doshu was a disciple of Rennyo, a monk known for his restorative work in the Pure Land sect of Buddhism.  The Gassho Kirizumazukuri (straw, gabled roof) priest's quarters, built towards the end of the Edo period, skillfully convey their special purpose though their elegant construction.  Be sure to also visit the neighboring Doshu Itoku Kan, containing various treasured items associated with Doshu.

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Closed in winter (Dec to Mar)

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Admission fee Adult : 200 yen; Elementary or Junior high school student : 100 yen

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