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Azumadachi Takase

Azumadachi Takase


In the Sankyoson, or rural village, of the Tonami plains, there is a cluster of houses surrounded by homestead woodlands. Among these dwellings, there still remain a number of Azumadachi houses, typical examples of period farmhouse architecture. In order to provide an authentic taste of the region's history and culture, a part of a private house in Nomurajima, Tonami was dismantled and reassembled - thus we have Azumadachi Takase. Besides Azumadachi, you can also admire other traditional dwellings just as they were at other locations such as Wakunonaka. You can also participate in a variety of hands-on experiences.

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128-4 Kita,Nanto,Toyama



Opening Hours

9:00 - 21:00. No entrance fee.


Every Wednesday, as well as 12/29 - 1/3

Ticket Info

No entrance fee

URL http://www.sankyo-son.jp/www/english/index.html

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