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Kinasa Furusato Museum (Kinasa Folk Heritage Museum )

Kinasa Furusato Museum (Kinasa Folk Heritage Museum )


In addition to informational documents on the natural features of the region as well as cultural assets related to “hemp”, which used to be the main support for the village’s economy, the museum also houses fascinating and overwhelming collections including Kagura stages and floats decorated with minute shrine sculptures by the master Kiyomatsu Kitamura, historical documents related to a Shinano-born famous scholar of Japanese Mathematics named Sohan Terashima, and works by the father-son sculptors of natural genius, Shikai and Masanobu Kitamura, who are the descendants of Kiyomatsu.

More Information


1659 Kinasa Nagano-shi

Opening Hours

9:00 to 16:30 (Last admission at 16:00)


Mondays, following days of holidays and during winter (December 29th through March 20th).
*No closing days during May, August and October.
*Tours during winter also available upon reservation. Call Nagano City Museum for details on winter tours.




Ticket Info

General 200 yen, High school students 100 yen, Elementary/Junior high school students 50 yen
(Admission free for Elementary/Junior high school students on Saturdays)

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