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Johana Betsuin Zentokuji Temple

Johana Betsuin Zentokuji Temple

Johana Betsuin Zentokuji Temple


Zentokuji Temple is a prestigious temple founded about 530 years ago and now designated as a Tangible Cultural Property of Japan. It is a temple closely associated with the Kaga Domain and Maeda clan.
The main hall was most recently rebuilt in 1759 and has remained for about 250 years without being destroyed by disaster.
Every spring, the Shidare Sakura Matsuri takes place, with the 370 year-old Itozakura (weeping cherry trees) in full bloom, and important elements of the temple which are not usually open to the public can be seen.

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Temple Tour Fee: 400 yen per person (A guide will show you around the different rooms of the temple.)
*Reservation is required for the temple tour.

URL https://www.tabi-nanto.jp/new/en/sightseeing/johana_betsuin_zentokuji_temple.html

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